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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Bali, as one of the most beautiful island in the world is one the small island that is located in indonesia. Known for it's natural beauty that the island possess along with the exotic culture that the balinese have, all of those factors have make bali to be one of the most desired place to travel to among many tourists. From many critics, reviewers, and travellers, many of them have witness and the tell the world about the beauty of the island through various media outlets. The publications from the tourist all over the world has been successfully make bali to be one of the most famous travel destination around the world.

    Normally for people or tourists who already spent their time in bali, almost all of them report the natural beauty of the island. Bali beach beauty has been one of the most popular topic among many tourist. It is understandable, because most of the tourist who already witness the beauty of the beach in bali seem to agree that bali has many beautiful beach inside the island that are hardly matched by any other tourist attraction. The bali beach beauty has made it's way to several prestigious publications all over the world and make bali to become more popular among many tourists.

    Several beaches in bali that really reflect bali beach beauty including nusa dua beach, mengiat beach, balangan beach, sanur beach, geger beach, bias tugal beach, and ungasan beach. Those are the beaches that attract tourist attraction the most, even though place like kuta and nusa dua usually more popular among the rest. Those beach are not only known for the beauty but also known for being a great place for activities like swimming and surfing. But you have to remember that some of the beaches in bali can be affected by the season, even though beaches like sanur and nusa dua relatively less affected by seasonality.